A friend gave me her old piano keys.  They are ivory.  I have started another line of jewelry using these pieces, combining them with sterling and brass metals.  Scrimshaw is an old mariner’s traditional technique using a scribe to etch lines in the highly polished surface of the ivory.  Inks are then rubbed into the etched lines and re-polished.     It takes time to prepare the surface. Almost as much time as it takes to do the artwork.

Bear Paw earrings

Here is an informational blurb I have been including with the sale of a piece:

About this ivory:

This “pre-ban” ivory was salvaged from a one hundred year
old piano from a local church that was
destined for the junk heap.
I cleaned, shaped, and polished the keys before etching
in the old scrimshaw technique to make this jewelry.

While working with the pieces, I was reminded of
the great, sentient beings from which this
material originated,  and how they moved across this
earth with their kin .

These salvaged pieces hold their essence.
I have worked with them in reverence
and sorrow for the taking of their lives..
It feels right to create beauty from their loss.

Imbued with the energy of music from an old
piano played in worship for one hundred years,
please wear these ivory pieces
and continue their life in beauty.

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  1. alli scout says:

    Whatyou’vesaidabout the ivory isbeautiful kack!

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