Horizontal feather Necklace with charms


This beautiful , elaborate necklace has a  central ivory piece that has been pierced with three triangular shapes at its base.  The feather has been etched on the ivory and colored with inks.   A Nugold (brass alloy metal) backing has some intricate line and circle stampings and a “wire-stitched” section on the left side.  From the base of the piece hangs symbolic shield charms, discs with arrows, another feather, beads and wrapped wire.  No jump rings to come apart and fall off.  These are securely wrapped with wire, to the base of the central piece.    The pendant is attached by sterling tube links and the rest of the necklace is strung with grey seed beads.  It hangs at about 18″.  This “pre-ban” ivory comes from a 100 year old piano.

This is an attractive, symbolic, one of a kind piece!


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