oops, accident…..

I had an unfortunate accident while at work on the last day of April.  I fell 12′ from a ladder and broke my wrist and radius.  I have had surgery, with a titanium plate and screws put in to stabilize the broken bones.  The doctor says it could take 3-9 mos. before I am able to lift something heavier than a paperback book.  This is a trying time for me, but I feel lucky the injuries were not worse.  I am alive, too!!!

So….. I am on a healing path.  I still have my dominant hand to funnel my creative ideas through.  It’s ironic that this injury has nudged me to focus on doing what I love.  Art! I will probably never go back to my interior painting job.  I will do murals when I have healed enough, and other decorative finishes.  Check out the new pics I have posted.

If any one reading this once thought about purchasing something from my website, but just didn’t get around to it for whatever reason, please reconsider.  I am offering some discounts to get some pieces moving to support myself as I heal these bones.  Email me and we can figure the cost breaks.

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