Learning to “see”

After I spend a day in my studio working on a painting, I tend to “see” things in a more critical way. I notice how light falls on an object. I look at how different elements affect one another… like dew pooling on leaves and rain breaking the surface of a body of water, light laying down on rocks. Or the way a Heron cups its wings and brings its gangly body so gracefully to a perch, weightlessly.

Vision is an amazing gift we all take for granted. We see everyday things that we really don’t give our attention to. Like a grand old tree on the side of a road we pass by on our way to some other place each day. Sometimes I stop and investigate. I am always glad I did, no matter how late it makes me for my destination.

All of my life I have looked at things up close. Nature is a mystery that has hooked me and I can’t get enough of it. It makes me travel slowly through life.

I’m working on a series of nests and eggs. When discovering a nest with eggs, I feel the sacredness of its contents. A home. A family. Something is growing. Something is being protected.

Hummer Nest

Reed Nest

Beach Nest

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